Seven pieces from Book & Film Globe (2020): Kevin Hart, Pete Davidson, Dave Chappelle, Marc Maron, #BlackAF, “Wendy” and “Cut Throat City.”

My daughter Cleo, at the premier of “Wendy”

Dec. 2020: Review of Kevin Hart’s “Zero Fucks Given” standup special.

Sept 2020: Interview with Gregory Chestnut, my former bandmate, and producer of “Cut Throat City.”

June 2020: A review of Dave Chappelle’s Black Lives Matter speech, “8:46”

May 2020: An interview with Helen Kreiger and Esa Lewis, writers on the Kenya Barris show, #BlackAF

April 2020: Review of Marc Maron’s standup special, “End Times Fun.”

March 2020: Review of Pete Davidson’s “Alive From New York” standup special.

Feb. 2020: Review of the movie “Wendy,” starring my daughter Cleopatra.

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