Review of Jordan Peele’s “Twilight Zone” reboot (Book & Film Globe, May 2019)

Picture this: you’re stuck in a time warp, which forces you to re-experience the same rehashed ideas over and over and over and over. Maybe until someone gets it right? Or perhaps no one ever will. Do you keep watching?

What if the show appears on a mysterious subscription-only station called, CBS All AccessWhat the hell is that? you may wonder. And why would they pay hotshot director Jordan Peele (here playing executive producer, co-writer, and host) and people like veteran X-Files writer Glen Morgan lots of money, to then limit the reach of their work to whatever schmucks subscribe to the paid app of a free TV station?

Some things simply make no sense in…The Twilight Zone.

The black-and-white Twilight Zone series ran for five seasons beginning in 1959, and since then has since been made into a full-color movie, plus two new, failed TV shows. I wouldn’t have checked this new version out myself if not for the addition of Jordan Peele as the brand’s spokesperson. With the former Key and Peele star and Get Out and Us director playing Serling’s narrator role, I became suddenly curious as to whether this fifth Twilight Zone vehicle might indeed, as the saying goes, put the pussy on the chainwaxWell, it mostly does.

Our country’s current passion for social justice makes 2019 the right time for The Twilight Zone to try again. Serling and company’s original tales often bent and cracked Aesop’s didactic fables, creating new, spooky allegories that challenged the viewing audience to question its own beliefs and definitions of morality. Some of the best original episodes dealt with anti-racist and anti-fascist themes. That needle needn’t move very far to make modern Twilight Zone mostly about race, identity, bigotry, etc. Though Peele did not direct any of the five new Twilight Zone episodes dropped so far (he co-wrote only “Nightmare at 30,000 Feet”), this new show fits snugly in Peele’s…zone. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THIS PIECE AT “BOOK AND FILM GLOBE”…

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