Still Racist After All These Years: Why David Duke Won’t Go Away (Vice. October 2016).

“White people will be a minority in America soon. Every minority has a spokesgroup, except European Americans. We’re not allowed.”

That’s Michael Lawrence’s pitch for David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan big shot and perennial political candidate now running for the US Senate in Louisiana. Lawrence ran Duke’s campaign before quitting, he told me, to deal with flooding on some properties in Baton Rouge he owned. “For a long time now, David has been the sole spokesman for white people. And he has paid an incredible price for standing up,” lamented Lawrence, who still supports Duke, “in being labeled a racist.”

The news isn’t that Duke has crawled out of the marshes to run for the seat left by fellow embarrassment David Vitter. The news is that Duke recently somehow polled the requisite 5 percent needed to land him in an upcoming televised debate—the most legitimacy the notorious racist and anti-Semite has had in a long, long time. As an added irony, or insult, he will enjoy this honor at New Orleans’s historically black Dillard University.

Duke has haunted Louisiana’s conscience since the 70s, when he became a regular spouting his rhetoric on Louisiana State University’s “Free Speech Alley.” To fund his larger ambitions, in 1976, he wrote a pseudonymous sexual self-help book for women titled Finders Keepers. In 1979, he founded the National Association for the Advancement of White People. After failed Senate and presidential bids as a Democrat, Duke turned Republican and in 1989 was elected state senator in a special election. Following a short and uninspired term, Duke ran for governor and lost, though he garnered more votes than he ever would again in his many other failed political attempts.

After his partner Don Black (who married Duke’s ex-wife Chloe Hardin) left to start the white nationalist site Stormfront, Duke founded the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) in 2000. Following a short stint in jail for lying to his own supporters in order to fundraise from them and cheating on his taxes, Duke remained mostly in the shadows until this past September when he came to New Orleans to ostensibly stop protestors who were threatening to tear down the city’s famous statue of Andrew “Trail of Tears” Jackson. The mostly black crowd reportedly ran him out of Jackson Square with chants of “Racist, fascist, anti-gay! Right-wing bigot, go away!” CLICK HERE to read the rest of this piece at Vice…

Or you can watch the entire INSANE senate debate, wherein David Duke freaks out like a desperate-for-screentime castmember of MTV’s The Real World:

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