Obit for NOLA musician Mike Joseph (OffBeat. July 2016).

New Orleans musician Michael James Joseph passed away Monday, July 11, at the age of 48. Joseph was known as the bass guitarist for legendary New Orleans rock ’n’ roll bands Black Problem, Lump and Norco Lapalco, and as a longtime horn player for Egg Yolk Jubilee.

“Mike could pick up any instrument from any country in the world and in 30 seconds he’d be making real music with it,” attests guitarist Lou Thevenot, who started Black Problem with Joseph in 1987. “He had a sense of humor and warmth, and very importantly a lack of ego and pretention, that made him easy to be in a band with. He was fun to make music with because of those things.” obit

Joseph worked at Southern Candymakers in the French Quarter and as a waiter and manager at Morning Call in Metairie. Joseph graduated from Archbishop Rummell High School, alma mater of most members of Egg Yolk Jubilee.

“I considered Mike and [Black Problem/Lump drummer] AP Gonzalez one of the best rhythm sections in rock, ever,” says Egg Yolk guitarist, Geoff Douville. “They were an authoritative machine, and played some of the best shows I have ever seen in my life, still to this day.” CLICK HERE to read the rest of the piece at OffBeat Magazine…

Or watch this live video of Joseph’s band Norco Lapalco:

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