NOLA Blogger Jason Brad Berry helps David Vitter lose the gubernatorial election (VICE. Oct. 2015).

Jason Brad Berry showed up to our 1 PM Friday lunch interview sketched out. He was worried his car had been bugged, that he was being watched. He had good reason. Over the past two weeks, Berry’s blog, American Zombie, has reported that Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter had in fact often visited prostitutes in New Orleans (a rumor Vitter had long denied), and made new accusations that the conservative Vitter had fostered a love child with New Orleans escort Wendy Ellis. In a series of interviews filmed by Berry, Ellis claims Vitter demanded she abort the child, which she eventually gave up for adoption.

Significantly, Berry dropped all this on the cusp of Louisiana’s gubernatorial elections, in which Vitter is competing with Democrat John Bel Edwards to succeed GOP presidential candidate and American punchline Bobby Jindal. (Edwards got the most votes in Saturday’s open primary and will face Vitter, the second-place finisher, in a general election on November 21.)

“And now there is a fucking silver Ford Focus driving up and down my fucking street,” Berry told me, sitting down outside the coffee shop, looking around. “Up and down, up and down for like the last two days.” CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST at…

Or check out this preview of Berry’s ESSENTIAL documentary on New Orleans’s Public Schools, “Left Behind” (

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