On New Orleans Wedding Bands (New Orleans Bride magazine. May 2015).

With so many bands to choose from, your band of choice often defines your wedding — especially in New Orleans. Locals fall in love listening to such a wide array of live music here that any band of any stripe that can make a crowd dance is welcome at a Big Easy wedding. Still, the perfect wedding band knows a few special moves to keep your guests humming long after the party ends.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Lucas Davenport has played his share of weddings with his R&B band, the Right Reverend Soul Review, his country band, Earl Can Bird or his especially gorgeous vocal group, St. Cecelia’s Asylum Chorus. More often though, Davenport has read couples their vows as the soulful ordained minister at their ceremonies.

“I will sing if people want me too,” Davenport offers. “I was once doing a union ceremony between these two ladies about 12 years ago…and that time there were no guidelines on how to do that type of ceremony, so I wrote a little document on parchment paper, and then CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST at New Orleans Bride Magazine.

Or check out this hour-long video of Davenport’s St Cecelia’s Asylum Chorus, a great band for YOUR wedding! 


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