2 stories: Algiers Indy Animal Shelter & Capstone Free Fruit Tree Project (May 2015. NewOrleans.me).

Click the titles to read the entire stories…

A Home for Homeless Dogs in AlgiersUsed Dogs Independent Animal Shelter: In the sweetly shaded back corner of a large backyard in Algiers, Kate lays her useless legs to one side. The look on her face – all bright eyes and long wet tongue – pronounces her happiness to be alive.

Capstone Fruit Tree Project: On a temperate day in spring, David Young gathers a large group of volunteers in the Lower 9th Ward to help plant fruit trees, including dwarf pears, lemons, figs, plums, as well as blackberries wherever the dirt is shallow upon the concrete that once supported a house. David Young explains to these troops, “The Lower 9th Ward is a food desert, with the nearest grocery store three-point-five miles away. Without a vehicle, that distance can be daunting, and so people near here in this neighborhood get stuck with junk food…We are planting these trees today to make healthy food readily available for the neighbors.”

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