Chauncey the goat’s obituary (NolaDefender. Feb. 2015).

Morgana King and Michael Patrick Welch watched Chauncey Gardner be born at Rosedale Farms off Lapalco in June of 2004. He was bottle-raised and lived in a Bywater backyard behind Bacchanal Wine Bar for the next nine years, before retiring to an even bigger yard in Algiers’ Behrman neighborhood in 2013.

in 2005, Chauncey traversed the country in the front seat of his owners’ car during the month after Hurricane Katrina when citizens were locked out of New Orleans. His post-Katrina adventures were documented in severalVillage Voice papers. Chauncey also appeared several times in the Times-PicayuneGambit, and other publications and local television programs.

In 2007, Chauncey was featured in music videos by The Morning 40 Federation and The White B*tch.

In 2009, Chauncey starred in an episode of Animal Planet’s show Pets 101.

Over the course of his life, Chauncey was greeted by celebrity fans such as rapper Chuck D, punk icon Jello Biafra, and insult comedian Tony Clifton.

He served as mascot of New Orleans’s annual NOizeFest from 2002 to 2014, and was often used as a good luck charm during Saints game viewings inside Vaughan’s Lounge.

His calm, companionable personality inspired Morgana King to start her goat-powered company Y’Herd Me Property Maintenance in 2014.

Chauncey is survived by his owners, and his human sisters Cleopatra and Xyla Welch.

For more on Chauncey’s history, visit:

CLICK HERE to read the original obit at NOLADefender…

Or check out this music video we made, starring Chauncey: 

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