K. Gates is not Kevin Gates and he is not f***ing his cousin (VICE. Jan 2015).

New Orleans rapper K. Gates (born Kwame Gates) hustled for years before getting his first taste of mainstream success in 2009 with the song “Black and Gold (Who Dat),” the unofficial theme song of the Saints football franchise as they headed to their first and only Super Bowl win.

During that same year, fledgling Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates (born Kevin Gilyard) was on his way back to prison—coincidentally around the same that Baton Rouge’s favorite son Lil Boosie (who rhymed with Kevin Gates on the 2008 single “Get in the Way”) was also incarcerated on drug charges. Following his release from jail in 2011, Kevin Gates signed to Young Money, and then with Atlantic Records in 2013.

Kevin Gates has since gone on to far more national acclaim than K. Gates. He has also become notorious on the internet for owning up to some kinky sexual preferences. Most recently, when he found out the woman he was dating was a cousin of his, he unapologetically announced that he would continue fucking her.

All of this Kevin Gates drama has made New Orleans’s original K. Gates very tough to google. I got in touch with him—now going by the equally ungoogleable stage name the Wave—to talk about how the rise of pervy Kevin Gates has affected his own life and career. CLICK HERE to read the rest of this piece at VICE…

Or check out K. Gates’s Saints football anthem, “Black and Gold”: 

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