Another Algiers Ferry Rant + First Fridays on the Point (December 2014.

This weekend, Algiers Point hosts holiday events on both Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday night will be given over to the famous Algiers bonfires, which will be lit at 8:30pm at the Algiers Point Ferry Landing, with music beginning at 5pm.

But today, we’re focusing on First Friday on the Point. A pub crawl/neighborhood get together/mini-festival of sorts, the monthly event encourages East Bank dwellers to to ride the ferry over and party at Algiers’ Dry Dock Cafe, Crown and Anchor English Pub, the Vine and Dine wine bar, and the Old Point Bar, among other local businesses.

The Dec 5 holiday edition of First Fridays will feature live music at five different venues all within walking distance of each other, plus an Artist Market, several groups of neighborhood Christmas carolers, and a kids concert performed by Algiers Point’s own Confetti Park Players band.

All this Algiers boostering has its roots in the West Bank’s sense of isolation from the city. To understand First Friday on the Point, it’s important to understand the relationship between Algiers, the Mississippi and the ferry that crosses the river.

The Algiers ferry opened as a public service in 1827. For almost 170 years, the ferry was funded by tax payer dollars, until in 1994 it was decided the ferry would draw funding from temporary tolls collected on the Crescent City Connection bridge – despite the fact bridge tolls were set to expire in 2012.

In 2013, the citizens of Orleans Parish defeated, by an almost 80-percent margin, government attempt to continue the bridge tolls beyond the initially agreed upon date. Locals spoke loud and clear: they wanted their tax money to pay for their ferry once again, as it almost always had. CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article at…

Or take this virtual ride on the Algiers Ferry: 

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