Neighborhood Story Project book party (The Advocate. Sept. 2014).

The Neighborhood Story Project recently hosted a release party for its newest book, called “Talking Back to History,” written by teenaged students from Lake Area New Tech Early College High School.

For the past 10 years, the Neighborhood Story Project has led groups of all ages from New Orleans through the process of writing and publishing books detailing their own stories in their own words.

Teachers Woodleif Thomas and Jeremy Roussel led the seven students who wrote “Talking Back to History.” Thomas writes in the book’s introduction that his students “looked deeper into history and explored the stories of people, places, and events that might have been overlooked, repressed, or challenged by those who write conventional histories … [They are] attempting to shed light on stories that are in danger of being lost.”

“Talking Back to History” features two short stories by each student, many revolving around history-themed fieldtrips, such as a walking tour of the French Quarter. The book’s cover shows the teachers and students touring the Whitney Slavery Museum.

Kayla Palmer interviewed her grandmother about her great-grandmother, an activist and member of the Freedom Riders, whom everyone called “Dear.” Another emerging writer, Latrice Reed, recounts in heartbreaking detail her love for her brother, who served as her father figure until heroin addiction ruined his life. CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article at The Advocate…

Or watch this video of a reading by some NPS students: 

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