Local writer publishes children’s book (The Advocate. Aug 2014).

Local writer and graphic novelist Gabe Soria loves issue No. 13 of the “Batman 66” comic book series from D.C. Comics — partly because Soria wrote the story, illustrated by renowned New York artist Dean Haspiel.

“Batman 66 is a retro series,” Soria said. “It’s based on the iconic TV show, much loved for its irreverent campy take on the character, with no allegiance to the other Batman comics.” The classic Batman TV series, starring Adam West as Batman, ran for three seasons from 1966 to 1968.

Soria’s retro Batman is an almost comedic character, and his dialog conjures Adam West’s measured voice. “I’ve been waiting to write in that voice for years,” Soria said. “I watched so much of that show as a kid. The dialog is wonderful. “The Adam West Batman, his speech patterns are as distinctive as Captain Kirk’s.” While staying mostly true to the TV show about Batman and Robin, Soria’s story soon takes a meta-twist.While scaling a 20-story building, the caped crusaders see a billboard for a new, modern TV show inspired by their own Gotham celebrity — except this TV doppelganger resembles more the colorless, gritty Batman of today’s Hollywood directors and comics illustrators.

“From what I have heard about it,” said Bruce Wayne’s Aunt Harriet as she sits down on the couch to watch this toughguy TV Batman, “it seems very lurid.” CLICK HERE to read the rest of this story…

Or check out this poignant and topical companion song to the piece… 

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