Let Me Clear My Goat (radio piece, WWNO/NPR. Sept 2014).

This is the story of how my wife Morgana King entered into a business agreement… with a bunch of goats.

It all began with just one goat, our pet, Chauncey Gardner: “We were joking about getting a goat instead of a lawn mower, and decided to go look at a farm on the West Bank and visit the goats,” says Morgana. “And it happened that on the day that we were there we saw Chauncey be born and decided to adopt a little baby goat, we’ve had him since he was a week old.”

That’s Morgana’s short version of how our pet of 11 years — a knee-high pygmy goat now weighing about 70 pounds — first entered our lives. He’s been our amiable silent partner ever since. Chauncey even evacuated Hurricane Katrina with us in 2005, riding calmly in the back seat as we traversed the South, looking for places to stay. We ended up living for a while on a farm in Houston, where we realized how different goats are from other pets.

“They aren’t jumping up on your for food, they live outside,” she says. They don’t have fleas and there’s no barking. They really are pretty self-sufficient and healthy creatures.”

Chauncey has done his job well — keeping our yard so nicely trimmed that Morgana decided she wanted to spread the benefits around to others. But since Chauncey can’t trim the whole world, she recently acquired nine more goats. CLICK HERE TO READ the rest of this piece at WWNO.


“Caldonia” Credit Jason Saul / WWNO


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