New Cajun & Zydeco Sounds (Acadiana Living/ June 2014)

Today’s young Cajun and zydeco musicians face a choice: adhere strictly to the traditions and represent the cultures, or expand upon Acadiana music and hope listeners embrace it instead of being offended.

The website of the otherwise provincial Cajun band Teechaoui Social Club promises “No New Orleans” in their sound. When asked to clarify, Teechaoui bassist Alan LaFleur responds simply, “Bourbon Street,” before clarifying his desire to make sure future generations hear authentic Cajun music music: “In New Orleans, John Fishburn plays a good version of Cajun music, but everyone else is stuck on Bourbon Street – which isn’t bad but it’s a long ways removed from Cajun culture.”
Teechaoui (a word meaning ‘little raccoon’), on the other hand, plays, “Just what you’d hear at my grandpa’s house,” LaFleur promises.

After a lifetime playing rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly and surf (he’s led the band the Gin-n-Tonics since 1996), LaFleur moved home to Lafayette after 9/11 and finally started playing Cajun music. He spent eight years in the Lost Bayou Ramblers, infusing Cajun music with a modern sound.

His Teechaoui Social Club started fairly recently on a porch during a community boucherie. “I live in this house from the 1820s,” explains LaFleur. “And we have a boucherie there. At a boucherie you can’t come and watch; you come and learn how to do something. You make boudin; you learn by doing, not by watching.
We get about 80 people every time with 20 people playing music for about 18 hours of that day. That’s where I met my band. None of these guys are professionals except for me.” CLICK HERE to read the rest of this piece at

Or stare at this photo of Feufollet by David Simpson

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