Profile of ‘Sunken City’ web comedy (The Advocate. March 2014).

Every New Orleans resident and visitor defines the city’s central mythologies differently. In the Web comedy “Sunken City,” three couples — ghost tour guides, a wannabe Mardi Gras king and queen, and two Internet startup kids — strive to push their own questionable definitions of New Orleans onto the world, with mixed results.

“Sunken City” was created in a thoroughly modern manner: A Web-only pilot was filmed on spec, which led to a successful Kickstarter campaign that paid for nine episodes.

A new episode is posted on the crew’s website,, each Monday.

The character Warlock and his mousy “dark queen,” Anne, see New Orleans as the haunted place Warlock sells to tourists via his Spooky Tours business. Warlock longs to convey what he feels is the “real” story of haunted New Orleans, but might throw in some oversexed lies when business falters.

“I don’t remember who said that ‘comedy is built on hurt,’” said Sunken City writer and director Jonathan Evans, “but we wanted to pull back the layers on the stereotypical tour guide, to see what his life’s like in those quiet moments. What happens when you go home? What happens when you lose, and you have to get up and put back on the same costume?” CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article at The New Orleans Advocate…

Or CLICK HERE to watch all the episodes of Sunken City.

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