Controversial Vigil Held for 14-year-old Marigny Burglar (Louisiana Weekly. December 2013).

On July 26, Marshall Coulter went over a six-foot fence and onto private residential property in Marigny around 2 a.m. with either the confidence of an armed man, or the naiveté of a child. It turned out the 14-year-old was not armed when property owner Merritt Landry, a City Hall employee, shot him in the head, ostensibly to protect his pregnant wife and toddler inside the house.

Since then, crowds have gathered to protest outside of the Orleans Parish D.A.’s office, as well as Landry’s home, shouting and pushing and shoving, either defending or demonizing the shooter. After Landry was arrested and set loose on bond, the New Orleans’ D.A. was given 150 days, until December 23, to decide whether or not to indict him on attempted second-degree murder charges. That deadline now looms less than 20 days away. After that, Landry would have to be re-arrested and the process begun anew.

In a small half-shotgun a few doors down from the Coulter family residence, the House of Faith Non Denominational Ministries on Elysian Fields hosted a candlelight vigil for Marshall Coulter Tuesday night, December 3. A small but very animated crowd chanted “Justice for Marshall!” in hopes the D.A.’s office will indict Landry before the deadline expires.

The severely brain-damaged teen, Marshall Coulter, did not attend the vigil, and House of Faith’s leader Prophetess Christiana Ford claims the family’s lawyer suggested none of them make any public statements or appearances. Ford, who has known the Coulters for decades, said that on Tuesday young Marshall began several days of brain surgery to insert a metal plate in his cranium. “His mobility is severely limited and he drools a lot,” said Ford, “We pray that God will restore life back to him.” CLICK HERE to the read the rest of the article at LOUISIANA WEEKLY…

Or watch this video of dueling rallies both for and against the shooter…

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