Common Ground Health Clinic in Algiers (LA Weekly. Nov. 2013).

In September 2005, just after Hurricane Katrina, a small, ragtag group founded the Common Ground Health Clinic (CGHC) in the McDonough neighborhood of Algiers. This mobilization unit where healthcare workers, volunteers and activists aided community members that remained in the city and needed immediate healthcare services, has gone on to service over 60,000 cases.

For the last four years the CGHC has sought Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) status. This month the center was finally awarded that status, along with a grant of $758,333 for the next three years.

More people may be familiar with the Common Ground Relief in the Lower 9th Ward, which, since Katrina, has focused on relief and rebuilding efforts without any health-related programming. Though connected through their history as part of the Common Ground Collective, the relief center and the clinic have since separated into two similarly named entities.

“The Common Ground Health Clinic focuses on primary health care services for everyone. Everyone is eligible,” says CGHC’s Executive Director, Meshawn Tarver. “If their insurance doesn’t cover all the services we’ll still accept them. If they’re uninsured we accept them on a sliding pay scale based on their income. If they have private insurance we accept them as well. We are here for everyone.” CLICK HERE TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE at Louisiana Weekly…

Or here’s a video about the clinic: 

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