On Exxon’s most recent benzene/sulfur leak in Baton Rouge (LA Weekly. June 2013)

A leak in one of Exxon Mobil’s sulfur recovery units in Baton Rouge on May 22 resulted in the release of various chemicals harmful to human health, including benzene, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide, claimed Exxon’s report to the National Response Center.

The Advocate reported that employees rerouted the gas leak into an incinerator, but the incinerator lacked the capacity to recapture the sulfur dioxide, leading to a temporary increase in sulfur dioxide releases.

“Expedited repair work on the Exxon Baton Rouge Refinery’s environmental control equipment is complete, and the environmental control equipment (TCGU) is back in service,” stated Jennifer Hughes, Exxon Mobil Public and Government Affairs in an email last week to The Louisiana Weekly. The refinery was issued a temporary permit for increased sulfur emissions during repairs. “Through?out the repair period the refinery operated within its interim daily permit limit for SO2.”

Exxon Mobil officials said the repair work did not at all affect the facility’s ability to fulfill supply contracts to customers. However, the accident may cost the surrounding community quite a bit. CLICK HERE to read the rest of the piece…

Or watch this video of a similar Exxon spill in Baton Rouge LAST YEAR!

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