A gallery of John Porter’s amazing guitars (Premier Guitar Magazine. Feb. 2013).

The following intro leads to a gallery of guitars by the great musician and studio wizard John Porter, who also happens to be a neighbor of mine. Though the Premier Guitar Magazine piece is photo-oriented, the musical anecdotes that go with each photo are wild!

British guitarist and producer John Porter has recorded, produced, and played with everyone. He’s won Grammys with B.B. King, Los Lonely Boys, Taj Mahal, and Keb’ Mo’. He served as an auxiliary member of Roxy Music. He recorded and played guitar on every single by the Smiths. He collaborated extensively with the one and only Eric Clapton. Primarily a guitarist, Porter has acquired an insane collection of axes during his 40-year career. “I would always just bring a pile of guitars to a session,” Porter laughs, “and let everyone use them all!” Here is a sampling of his best.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE GALLERY and read the anecdotes…

Or check out John Porter playing guitar in Marianne Faithful’s music video…

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