Interview with bounce rappers Cheeky Blakk and Magnolia Rhome (OffBeat. 2012)

“It’s an entity I put together. We are ready to tell a story,” says Katey Red, the trans queen of New Orleans bounce rap, speaking on her new “Dream Team,” performing at Voodoo Music Experience 2012. Red’s Voodoo gig has become her annual chance to show attendees of the high-profile festival the side of bounce she wants them to see.

Red will be joined on stage by down-low rappers Ha’ Sizzle and Walt Wiggady. “Ha’ Sizzle, his first lil slight hit was ‘She Rode That Dick Like a Soldier,’” explains Red. “He did it in concert at gay bars and stuff like that but he never got out with it. Walt Wiggady is a big guy, and he moves around real good. He don’t have a hit, but I am looking at [this as] a show. With all his moves, he will be perfect for a show.”

The veteran of Red’s Dream Team is 37-year-old Cheeky Blakk, who has treated bounce as more than a game for more than 22 years. “Cheeky is a legend. She needs to be heard more,” Red states emphatically, though the two only got to know each other after their performance at last year’s Voodoo Music Experience. Voodoo is another step toward a new audience for Ms. Blakk. Through her Rebirth Brass Band collaboration, “Pop That Pussy,” she was introduced to Galactic, who then built their Ya-Ka-Maytune “Do It Again” around Blakk’s feminine growl. She will also appear in the current season of Treme, singing the character Davis’ song “I Quit,” to which she added the line, “I quit / I don’t give a shit / I don’t give a damn about how you live it.”

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