Review of public Tulane journalism forum (OffBeat. Aug. 2012.)

On Wednesday (August 8), Loyola University in conjunction with investigative news site The Lens, welcomed five dynamic panelists to help a roomful of local journalists and concerned citizens understand the recent, drastic downsizing of the Times-Picayune. They also assembled to ask the community to think about what kind of news it wants, and how it would like its news delivered. “Most of our information on what people want comes from Silicon Valley, not regular people,” admitted Christopher Sopher, Journalism Program Associate at the Knight Foundation, noting the need to differentiate the civic community from the business community. “Organizations who think of their audience as a community versus continuing to think of them as consumers are tending to have more success.”

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the piece, and to watch a six minute documentary on the forum.

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