Interview with Luther Campbell (2LiveCrew). March 1999.

Early on in my writing career I conducted a great interview with Luther Campbell of 2LiveCrew, who was funny, honest, articulate, dirty, everything one could want from an interview subject. He was so charming that by the end of our talk he’d convinced me to help him set up a pay-per-view sex event at Tampa’s premier strip club, Mons Venus. For some reason I had the telephone number of the club’s owner, Joe Redner, who also had a habit of running for City Council. I was so excited to be in cahoots with Luke that I called Redner and asked what he thought of the idea. “So wait, you’re a reporter and you want to help set up an event so that you can cover it?” he asked. Redner had taken his share of blows from the paper I worked for, and could have really humiliated all of us, but instead he must have sensed how green I was and let me off the hook. I felt like I’d almost stepped down an elevator shaft as I thanked him profusely, got off the phone, and never called Luke back.

But the interview was otherwise so great I wish I had transcribed the tape in full. I can only offer this article in which Luke nonetheless pinpoints the exact moment when he became a misogynist. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ILLUMINATING INTERVIEW…

And here is Luke running for Mayor of Miami in 2011: 

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