#1. I met 2 Live Crew (Tampa, 1999)

a 2 Live.jpg

I met the 2LiveCrew in Tampa, FL in about 1998, just after they’d parted ways with their famous leader, Uncle Luke Skywalker (who, earlier that year, during a phone interview for the paper where I worked, almost talked me into setting up an event for him at Mons Venus strip club. More on that later).

I was driving through downtown Tampa, Florida, on my way back from my lunchbreak one day, when I recognized rappers Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis loading their own luggage into a hotel. I hadn’t realized that 2LiveCrew were set to perform the next evening. I immediately pulled my car over to say hello, and ask them if they were available for an interview the next day, hopefully before their show.

Fresh Kid Ice — widely considered the first prominent Asian rapper — still wore the same damned cast on his arm that he’d worn since back when I was listening to “Hey We Want Some Pussy” on my Walkman on the bus in the 6th grade. Fresh Kid Ice seemed very grateful that I wanted to help publicize his group which, without Luke, was destined to wane in popularity.

So the next afternoon, I walked past the Cuban restaurants in Ybor City to club Empire as 2LiveCrew ran through its soundcheck. The bass beats banged as Fresh Kid Ice on stage tested his mic: “Lick my ass, bitch. Lick. Lick. My ass, bitch.” Then he’d gesture to the soundman and say politely, “Can you roll the mids off my mic a little? Thanks man.”

As they went through the soundcheck, I interviewed the 2LiveCrew dancers, one of whom had a tattoo of a life-sized cock and balls between her cleavage.

The transcript of my conversation with Fresh Kid Ice and Brother Marquis is lost, but I remember they were both very nice and polite and fun to talk to.

Fresh Kid Ice passed away from “a medical condition” in 2017 at the age of 53.

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