Review of Joan Rivers at the Healing Center (MySpiltMilk. Aug. 2012)

The video documentary of last Tuesday’s very intimate Joan Rivers show (below) came out good enough, but I admit some hesitation in filming the performance. Despite being given permission, I didn’t want to be that asshole. I tried to start each clip at the beginning of one joke, and end it right after the punchline so I could quickly put the camera away. As a result, I later realized, I would document the semi-funny first punchline of a joke (“My new charity for old people who can’t have sex anymore…it’s called ‘Feels on Wheels'”), then turn off the camera, and miss the even bigger punchline (“We get in a truck and go around and give handjobs to old men. It’s very meaningful work…” etc. etc.). Below the video is a link to my long, detailed review of Rivers’ awesome show. 


“I am going to do the act as if this is just a regular place,” Joan Rivers began, pretending not to realize the backhand.

Outside in the parking lot behind the New Orleans Healing Center’s food co-op after the show, we were so dazed and reeling that we were at first unable to remember anything about the barrage of jokes we’d just absorbed. Then, we began retelling the jokes in full while driving to Sugar Park. We entered the place with dilated pupils, almost ready to fight, or at least insult everyone as artfully as Rivers had in her floor-length, silver-sequined robe wrapped in boas…”

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this piece at Alex Rawls’ New Orleans music and culture website, MySpiltMilk.

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