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Local album reviews written by the students in my rap class (OffBeat. April 2005).

Just before Katrina in 2005, I began teaching a class that helps kids K – 8 improve their literacy by writing rap songs (see video at bottom). I’ve taught the class ever since, and my students’ debut album was written about here … Continue reading

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Review of Van Halen concert. New Orleans, June 2012 (unpublished).

I have only blacked-out once in my entire life. Getting wasted has only ever made me self-conscious; I become prone to clumsiness and stupidity, when I aspire to smart self-assuredness. So I rarely go beyond a good buzz. My first … Continue reading

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Interview with Dee-1. August 2009 (Gambit Weekly).

David Augustine, the 23-year-old local rapper better known as Dee-1, is going to spend less time with some of his young fans. He’s leaving his job teaching at a Baton Rouge middle school to concentrate on his music career full … Continue reading

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Interviews with parading club bands (multiple subjects, including Jimmy and Sue Ford). February 2012 (OffBeat).

Playing music in a parade looks like fun, but while it is, it’s also hard, sometimes thankless work.OffBeat spoke with members of four nightclub bands who, during Mardi Gras, transform into street bands. Sue Ford fronts Mardi Gras’ first rock band, Pink … Continue reading

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Interview with Soul Rebels Brass Band. May 2011 (OffBeat).

For 20 years, the Soul Rebels have remained a modern face in brass band music. “We are trying our best to push the envelope,” says Lumar LeBlanc, snare drummer and Rebels cofounder along with bass drummer Derrick Moss, both late … Continue reading

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Interview with Imagine “the” Band. August 2005 (OffBeat).

One-man-bands have always really impressed me. Until I met a man with no band: IMAGINE “the” BAND. The name perfectly describes the concept: wearing a too-tight wetsuit and headphones with “special education” printed across the top, Eric William Pierson (known as Egos Personos on stage, … Continue reading

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Interview with Magnetic Ear. April 2011 (OffBeat).

Over the years, brass-driven band the Magnetic Ear has marched so far from its point of origin that it’s a wonder bandleader saxophonist Martin Krusche doesn’t change the group’s name. “At first we were known as sort of a jazz freak-out band,” … Continue reading

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